Mother’s Day, 1940.

Ka La O Na Makuahine

This past Sunday was the day for mothers, and it was a day that children remember their mothers. People wear red and white flowers. The white flowers represent mothers who have gone to the other world, and red flowers are for mothers who are here living.

On that day we recognize, the people whose mothers are living and also those whose mothers have died.

With patience indeed, you will not find a mother, who does not consider her own body to give of herself for the good of her own children. They give their good advice to their children and guide them on the right path. But some children become very irritated at the constant advice of their mothers, and at times become truly vexed at their mothers always irritating them; but this is not being annoying, this is advice for the good of their future life. But when their mothers die, it is then that they will feel remorse.

When her child is weak, a mother does not think of her fatigue or anything else, her children come first and she comes after.

So let’s thank God for our mothers, whether she is living or passed on.

There will be commemorative activities held at Haili Church this coming Sunday, and it wouldn’t hurt for us to join in on those observances there.

Don’t forget, if your mother is still living, place a red flower upon your breast, and if your mother has already passed on, wear a white flower.

This is symbolic for the daughters from here forth, when they become mothers and have their children, and do as your mothers did.

[E mama ma, mahalo a nui ia oukou a pau.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 5/8/1940, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 2, Aoao 1. Mei 8, 1940.

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