Slide show, ice cream, and some violence, 1908.


Because Charles Santos, Portuguese, caused harm upon Wong Ping, a Chinese who is employed at the office of immigration [keena hoopae limahana], he was fined ten dollars on this past Monday before the Police Court [Aha Hoomalu].

This Portuguese man was arrested previously for punching and breaking the jaw of another, and he spent ten months in Kawa for that crime of his, and ten more dollars for this further injury.

Wong Ping and a friend of his and the daughters of this friend were watching a slide show [kii hooleleaka], and from there they went to eat ice cream [aikalima] at the Japanese shop.

They were getting ready to leave the shop when Santos began to say some inappropriate words to the girls, and the two of them quickly went outside with their father, leaving Wong Ping inside to pay for the ice cream which they ate.

At this time, Santos went and punched the face of Wong Ping and started to run away. Wong Ping ran after him continuously calling out, and many Chinese began to run after this abusive Portuguese.

Because the crime was witnessed by the many people chasing after him, he grabbed ashes from a box and proceeded to throw it at the Chinese people, but he did not see the trouble before him and he was arrested by Officer Kawaiaea and taken away to the jail house [halewai].

(Kuokoa, 4/3/1908, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIII, Helu 14, Aoao 1. Aperila 3, 1908.

1 thought on “Slide show, ice cream, and some violence, 1908.

  1. “…eia naʻe me kona ʻikeʻole aku i ka pilikia nona ma mua, ua paʻa maila ʻoia i ka hōpūʻia e Mākaʻi Kawaiaea, a lawe loa ʻia akula no ka halewai.”

    Pehea kēia no ka unuhi ʻana?
    “however, without knowing the trouble awaiting him, he was subsequently arrested by Officer Kawaiaea and taken to the jailhouse.”

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