The chiefs sail to Kailua, 1846.

The Chiefs. The Chiefs landed in Kailua on this past  15th of May; there was a 22-gun salute.

Puhi was tried for murder at Kau, earlier, and he was found guilty, pertaining to murder. How sad is the end of those who do wrong! Continue reading

Earlier article about William Hodges, 1862.

—On the 30th of April another case occurred near Hanalei, Kauai, which, though it did not result in murder, shows that the natives are rapidly progressing in all the attendant arts of civilization. A colored man of Wainiha, named William Hodges, and a married man, Continue reading

More on William Hodges, 1862.

Attempt at Strangling.—We learn that on the 30th ult., at Wainiha, Kauai, a colored man, named William Hodges, narrowly escaped being strangled by having had a lasso put around his head, while asleep, by parties operating from outside the house, assisted by some one of the inmates. Investigation of the parties is now being held.

(Polynesian, 5/10/1862, p. 3)


Polynesian, Volume XIX, Number 2, Page 3. May 10, 1862.