A mele honoring William Ulunui Sheldon, 1891.

Kaulana mai nei a o Uilama Ulunui

Kaulana mai nei a o Ulunui
Ke kiai luli ole a o Halekuke
Nana i pulumi pau mai
Na punua pee poli a Evana
Pii e ka lia ia mea ma
Ha’ukeke na ku’i i ka weliweli
Aneane e pau e ke aho
I kau a mea o ka maka’u
Aole pela o mea ma iho
He pili meaai paluhe wale
Moea imua me ka hopo ole
A kau i ke ao malamalama
Ka Hoopono hoi kou lamalama
Kakoo ia nei e ke Kahikolu
E-o mai oe i ko wehi
Ke kiai luli ole a o Halekuke

Famous is William Ulunui

Famous is Ulunui
Unwavering keeper of the Customs House
He sweeps away
Bosom-hiding fledglings of Evans
Those folks become fearful
Knees shake in fright
Nearly out of breath
For the fear
Not so for the others
Sycophants so meek
Go forward without trepidation
Until reaching the world of light
Righteousness being your torch
Supported by the Trinity
Respond to your adornment
Unwavering keeper of the Customs House

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 182, Aoao 2. Aperila 29, 1891.

This mele seems to be based on the following scandal:

Hawaiian Gazette, Vol. XXVI, No. 17, P. 7. April 28, 1891.

More on William Hodges, 1862.

Attempt at Strangling.—We learn that on the 30th ult., at Wainiha, Kauai, a colored man, named William Hodges, narrowly escaped being strangled by having had a lasso put around his head, while asleep, by parties operating from outside the house, assisted by some one of the inmates. Investigation of the parties is now being held.

(Polynesian, 5/10/1862, p. 3)


Polynesian, Volume XIX, Number 2, Page 3. May 10, 1862.

More on Katsu Goto, 1889.


The body of the Japanese doctor* Goto at Hamakua was found dangling, killed by unknown people; news was received this week that three haole sugar plantation workers suspects were arrested, and they are being brought from Laupahoehoe aboard the Kinau to be detained at the Hilo jail.

Their names are T. G. Steel [T. G. Steele], J. Richmond and W. C. Blabon.

By the kindness of Mr. J. Kaulahea, we received the letter below from one of his friends in Honokaa:

The news of Honokaa nei is that a Hawaiian and haole are being arrested, suspected that they beat and hung the Japanese from the telephone pole.

These are who were arrested and taken to Hilo: 1 Hawaiian and 3 haole. However the arrests amongst the haole are not over. Continue reading

Slide show, ice cream, and some violence, 1908.


Because Charles Santos, Portuguese, caused harm upon Wong Ping, a Chinese who is employed at the office of immigration [keena hoopae limahana], he was fined ten dollars on this past Monday before the Police Court [Aha Hoomalu].

This Portuguese man was arrested previously for punching and breaking the jaw of another, and he spent ten months in Kawa for that crime of his, and ten more dollars for this further injury.

Wong Ping and a friend of his and the daughters of this friend were watching a slide show [kii hooleleaka], and from there they went to eat ice cream [aikalima] at the Japanese shop. Continue reading