Sina in the moon, 1929.


There was a great famine spread across the land of Samoa, and Sina was sitting in the sunlight beating her kapa while next to her was her child sleeping as its face was distorted in hunger. When the moon rose above the fruit trees, the thought came upon Sina to ask the moon to give them fruit to eat, saying.

O Moon, why don’t you come down for us to take a bite of you?

Because of her words, the moon became angry at being told that they would eat it. Sina, her child, the anvil, and the beater were taken, and live in the moon until this time.

When the moon is full, the Samoan people see the image of Sina, her child, the kapa anvil, and the beater.

(Alakai o Hawaii, 12/19/1929, p. 3)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 34, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 19, 1929.


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