Hiiaka calls out, “I stand up to leave…” 1862.


Hiiakaikapoliopele looks at her elder sisters who hang their heads down, they being the ones who were sent to fetch the man; they are the ones who hang their heads, and Hiiakaikapoliopele chants out thus:

Ke ku nei au e hele, Continue reading


Kaumualii and Kaahumanu seek out Nihoa, 1868.


Kaumualii built several large houses for Kaahumanu at Papaenaena. When Kaahumanu was staying on Kauai. A great desire grew within her to search for Nihoa, a land that was not known to the new generations. But Nihoa was found in the stories and the mele of the ole people. When Kaahumanu heard the chant of Kaweloamahunaalii. Continue reading

Mikololou and Kaahupahau reach far away New York, 1905.

The Battle of the Shark Gods

A Story of the Hawaiian Islands

ONE day Kaahupahau and her brother Kahiuka wandered away from their grass-thatched cottage, on the banks of the beautiful Ewa Lagoon, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The long afternoon passed without causing any worry to their father or mother. But when dusk fell on the long swells of the Pacific ocean and neither of the children had returned for their evening meal of poi and plantains, the parents became alarmed. Continue reading

Opening of S. N. Haleole’s telling of the story of Laieikawai, 1862.





{Pertaining to Laieikawai.—The Moolelo Kaao was held by the one publishing this story in his Book of Moolelo for eighteen years and three months, beginning in the month of August, 1844. And the one with the Book of Moolelo comes Kailiokalauokekoa. But it is not only these stories in the Book of Moolelo; the moolelo of Painahala as well, has been preserved in the month of October, 1847. The length of this story is like the story whose title appears in this introduction; being that Laieikawai is 375 pages and Painahala is 363; but the telling of Painahala is almost the same as Keamalu, except the grandmother is different. Continue reading

Laieikawai and Death of Cook at the Opera House, 1902.

Next Attraction at the Opera House.

There was a very good rehearsal last evening of the Hawaii Ponoi Dramatic Club in their hall on Kaahumanu street. This club will give a dramatic entertainment next Saturday evening at the Opera House. Continue reading