Mikololou and Kaahupahau reach far away New York, 1905.

The Battle of the Shark Gods

A Story of the Hawaiian Islands

ONE day Kaahupahau and her brother Kahiuka wandered away from their grass-thatched cottage, on the banks of the beautiful Ewa Lagoon, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The long afternoon passed without causing any worry to their father or mother. But when dusk fell on the long swells of the Pacific ocean and neither of the children had returned for their evening meal of poi and plantains, the parents became alarmed. Continue reading

John Papa Ii goes on makaikai to Puuloa, 1865.


A Visitation.—Last Thursday, the Hon. J. Ii and his daughters went on a tour of the many lochs of Pearl Harbor [ke Awa-lau o Puuloa], and the bathing waters of Kaahupahau, that shark,* Continue reading