What they were reading 100 years ago.


(An Old Story of Hawaii Nui Kuauli)


The writer of the moolelo needs to explain first about some things people say about this famous Moolelo of the old days of Hawaii nei so that all sorts of thoughts will not well up in our readers of this moolelo. According to the beliefs of some who memorized this Moolelo of Kepakailiula, he was born in Kaakea, Waipio, and below that famed valley of “Beautiful Waipio where the cliffs face each other,” is where he was raised as a favorite.

We are showing a different place where this Famous Warrior was born and where he was raised as a great favorite of his hanai fathers until he broke the kapu of the wife [wahine hoao] of the Famous Chiefly Warrior of Maui, that being Kaikipaananea; this Moolelo was written about by the famed pen of David Malo, the famous Writer of Moolelo of the time of the Alii of the land, and the time soon after the spreading of Christianity in Hawaii nei. As for the differences of this Moolelo with the ones memorized by others, may they forgive us, for we are following the famous Moolelo Writer of the old days of the Monarchs of Hawaii nei.

Tbere are some words that occur as this famous Moolelo of Hawaii nei goes on that are not perhaps appropriate in this enlightened age of the land to put before our readers, therefore, we discarded some of them and replaced them with good words that are fitting for the dignity of this new age of this land. The main reason for why we are spreading some of the Hawaiian Moolelo of ours is to loosen the veil to the way of life of our Kupuna of those very olden days of this land, and for us to have a glimpse into how they lived. It is true that perhaps some of our Kupuna simply exaggerated in some of their old moolelo, and some of us will not believe their Old Stories of this land, however we must understand this: “It was not just Hawaiians of old who made up Moolelo and filed them with acts of power that we cannot believe these days, but the Kupuna of Old England and some other old Nations of Europe as well believed in those kinds of old moolelo of their Kupuna, therefore, it was not just Hawaii’s people of old who believed in the old moolelo from their Kupuna.”

We are trying to make some Old Moolelo of our land into something to teach about the way of life of our Kupuna. WRITER.



Kaunuaumoana was the father and Hina was the mother, and they gave birth to these sons: Kiinoho was the first born, and Kiihele was his younger brother, and after these sons were all grown, Hina became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter; Kaunuaumoana named his daughter Hinaaikamalama. These children of Kaunuaumoana and Hina his wahine, in the uplands of Kaunuaumoa [??? the place name is hard to make out], Hilo Uka, a place where the Alii of the land would come and visit in the olden day. It was stated earlier that when the sons were grown up is when their mother gave birth to their younger sister…

[I found the disclaimer appended to this moolelo very interesting.]

[“He Moolelo Kaao no Kepakailiula, Ke Ahikanana a o ke Koa Wiwoole o Hilo Hanakahi a i ka Mokupuni Kaulana o Mokuola Au i ke Kai” ran in Hoku o Hawaii from 3/20/1919 to 12/9/1920. The writer concludes his telling of the moolelo with a reminder to his readers to pay for their subscriptions to the newspaper in all caps: “MAI POINA KA I KAHI KAMAU AI NO KE OLA O KAHI ‘HOKU O HAWAII.'”]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 3/20/1919, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 12, Helu 42, Aoao 1. Maraki 20, 1919.

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