Veterans Day, the early years, 1938.



November 11, 1938. The battles of Marne, Ypres, Loos, Arras, Somme, Chateau Thierry, Verdun, Argonne, Belleau Wood—these famous blood-shedding battles, their stories and the men who fought in them, both living and dead, remain as memorials for the conscience. The great number of soldiers constantly sent away here and there for their home, to fight and for peace. We honor those men who fought for a purpose, and at the same time, put to use those frightful years as a means to attain the peace of which we are blessed.

Drive-In Market                                  E. Yanagihara Store

V. A. Carvalho                                      Quong Sing Market

Beamer’s Hardware Store              B. F. Shoen, Ltd.

S. Ikeda Soyo Factory                       Hawaii Motor Supply

J. S. Rickard                                           The Men’s Shop

Union Meat Co.                                  G. Miyamoto Cash & Carry

Diamond Bar                                        Kilauea Radio Shop

Simeon Armor The Sign Artist       Akadama

De Silva Vogue…

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