Alice Thompson, soil expert out of Berkeley University, 1906.

Girl from Honolulu Becomes Expert.

Here is a report we received pertaining to the eldest daughter of Professor U. Thompson of Kamehameha Boys’ School:

“BERKELEY, Jan. 12.—The dainty figure of a feminine soil expert, working with the bearded men in the agricultural college on the campus is new in the history of the university; this will be seen when Miss Alice Thompson takes her place as an assistant soil analyst in the office of Dr. Loughridge’s office on January 15.

“Miss Thompson is to be appointed by the Regents to this position, and she will be the first woman soil expert to do serious work in this line of agricultural research. There is no other young woman than Miss Thompson that is seen on campus performing this work; she has the skill that comes of natural aptitude and years of preparation for her peculiar work. For three years she has studied under Professors Jaffa, Colby and Loughridge, and also with Professor Hilgard, the great authority on soils at the school.

“Miss Thompson is a graduate of the Berkeley High School, who entered the university with the class of 1906. She was graduated at Christmas and now is ready to begin work that has been given this woman expert to carry out. As assistant to Dr. Loughridge, Miss Thompson’s time will be spent in researching mysteries of soil: problems dealing with irrigation, drainage, and similar features of agricultural science.”

When this girl was living with her parents at Kamehameha School, her first teacher was her father, and she was taught science. This is the only girl who graduated from that school with the boys’ class, and she attended Punahou School for some time, and then she was sent to America to further her knowledge; and what was seen was her climb to becoming an expert in researching the mysteries of agricultural science.Her parents are happy being that she rose to a status which will bring fame to the name of her parents.

(Kuokoa, 1/26/1906, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIV, Helu 4, Aoao 1. Ianuari 26, 1906.

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