The passing of Abbie Puaoi, 1918.


O Kuokoa Newspaper, Aloha oe in sadness:—I ask for your patience in carrying my parcel of sadness in some space of your delicate body, and may it carry it forth and announce to the multitudes of family, companions, and friends of my dear wife, who live from the east where the sun rises at Kumukahi on the island of Keawe, all the way to [the west] where the sun sets at Lehua, that my dearly beloved wahine, Abbie Puaoi, has left this life, and has glided away on the path taken by all living beings.

She left me and our beloved lei [children] mourning in sadness and heart-wrenching sorrow in the morning of Friday, June 28, 1918, half past seven o’clock, after just being ill for one week. Auwe, how sorrowful!

My dearly beloved wahine was born in Hookena, South Kona, Hawaii, on the 22nd of December, 1887, from the loins of her parents, Mr. John Nahinu and Mrs. Kapule Nahinu. She was taken to hanai when she was a baby by her hanai parents, Mrs. Louisa Aukai and Joseph I [?? Mrs. Louis Aukai Josepeh I], of Nawiliwili, Kauai; and so that is how she was separated from her parents and lived on the island that snatches the sun [Kauai].

She was educated at the public school in Lihue, Kauai, and in the month of November in the year 1909, we were joined in the bond of marriage; therefore, we have been living in aloha in that holy bond for eight years and seven months, when she left me and went to sleep the eternal sleep.

Auwe, how regretful I am over my dear wife who left me and our lei that we wear upon our necks, our children; and it is I alone who grieves in pain and sadness, for my wife has gone, the mother of our lei.

My dear Abbie was an unpretentious woman; she was kind, courteous, and welcoming; she truly loved her family; and it is her many fine traits that constantly wakes in me unforgettable memories of her in this world.

Our bodily garden was blessed with plump fruit (children), they numbering four; they are Miss Mabel K. Puaoi, Miss Emily P. Puaoi, Miss Abbie P. Puaoi, and our newly born flower lei, Miss Hana H. Puaoi. Her first born is Miss Louisa Holi; it is we who live on with sad remembrances for her.

She has gone; no more will she toil in this world; no more will she tread on the streets of Honolulu nei; no more will she pass by the cliffs of Koolaupoko; no more will she see the pineapples of the flat fields of Waipio, Waiawa, Kipapa, Wahiawa and Pearl City.

My dear wife Abbie and I travelled all over Oahu nei, when I was employed as head engineer [poo wiliki] for the company of Libby, McNeill & Libby, for the hauling trucks and tractors.

She was a true Christian mother; she never forgot to give thought to her beloved Lord. She left behind, me and our children, her parents, brothers, and younger sisters, who are left in grief and sadness.

At the my closing of this short remembrance for my dear Abbie, I give my boundless appreciation to everyone who joined me in my hours of sadness and grief; those who gave their gifts of flowers to adorn the body of my dear wahine; and so too to the people who came along on her trip of no return; all of you please accept my endless thanks to you all; and it is our Father in heaven who will give us the greatest blessings from above.

In sadness, grief and sorrow,


Honolulu, July 5, 1918.

(Kuokoa, 7/12/1918, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 28, Aoao 8. Iulai 12, 1918.

3 thoughts on “The passing of Abbie Puaoi, 1918.

  1. Mahalo nui i ke kaʻana like ʻana mai!
    I noticed there was one little line in Paragraph 6 that was untranslated: “a he mea nui hoi na lei a maua iaia;” which I might translate to: “our lei [children] were important to her.”
    I just thought I would document it in case anyone was wondering about it. Thank you again for a wonderful article choice.


  2. Mahalo for sharing. So grateful these are my kupuna and I have their genealogy but not this information. Nahinu ohana link in through Solomon Hanohano sister Sarah is married in the Nahinu ohana. Aloha and grateful, Valerie Hanohano (kahanu)


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