J. H. Kanepuu seeks the amazing plant of Kanepuaa, 1857.

Something to quicken the development of sweet potato, and taro, and fish.

Aloha oe:—I have heard from some of our oldsters who are living. Perhaps there are many of them living in this archipelago who may have seen the plant of Kanepuaa? If the plant is used when planting sweet potato [uala]. It will fruit quickly, and the tubers will be large. If the mounds are all pulled up, and replanted along with the Kanepuaa plant, it will quickly mature once more; maybe in two or three weeks.

And just as with planting sweet potato, so too with taro [kalo], and flying fish [malolo], and some other kinds of fishes. There are many who attest to the speed of taro if it is planted with the Kanepuaa plant. Go forth, O Fluttering Flag [Hae] of the Nation, before those who know of the Kanepuaa plant, living in Hawaii nei, so that we all will know of the benefits of what they do that increases food, and disseminate it in the Hae Hawaii. Who knows of the Kanepuaa plant? Tell us.


Kuliouou, July 17, 1257.

(Hae Hawaii, 8/5/1857, p. 74)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.—Helu 19. Augake 5, 1957.

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