John L. Nailiili on the importance of mele, 1848.

A written call.

Listen to this, O People of old from alii ancestors living now here in the Hawaiian Islands.

I am the one whose name is below, I humbly ask of you makaainana who compose mele to give forth old mele of the alii as well as new mele composed for them on paper, and write the story of the mele’s composition. Tell of all the mele of the old alii who have died, and the mele of the alii who are living, and of famous people, and write down the person for whom the mele was composed, and the name of the person who composed the mele; place the composer’s name after the lines of the mele. If you write down the mele, write them in the way that the songs of “Solomon” are written, or perhaps like David’s; put them in lines. Do write them quickly with great skill in composition.

This is what I ask of you all with aloha.

J. L. Nailiili.

Kapalama, Oahu, December 18, 1847.

[The available image of this important article and many, many others cannot be read clearly because the images taken of the pages of this newspaper was done while bound. The right hand of this column is bent over and cannot be read. The article should read:

Palapala kahea.

I lohe oukou e na kanaka kahiko
mai na kupuna alii mai e noho ana i
keia wa ma na Mokupuni o Hawaii

Owau nei ka mea nona ka inoa
malalo nei, ke noi haahaa aku nei
au ia oukou e na makaainana haku
mele a pau, e haawi mai oukou i na
mele kahiko o na’lii a me na mele
hou i hakuia no lakou maloko o ka
pepa, a e kakau pu no hoi i na moo-
olelo i hakuia’i ia mele. E hai mai
oukou i na mele a pau o na’lii kahi-
ko i make a me na mele o na’lii e
ola nei, a me ke mele o kanaka
kaulana, a e kakau i ka inoa o ka
mea nona ke mele i hakuia’i, a me
ka inoa o ka mea nana i haku ke
mele, e kauia ka inoa o ka mea na-
na i haku mahope o ka pau ana o ka
lalani mele. Ina e palapala i na
mele, e kakau e like me ke kakau
ana o ke mele a “Solomona” a me ka
Davida paha, e waiho lalani ke kau
ana. E kakau wikiwiki mai oukou
me ke akamai nui i ka haku ana.

Oia ka’u mea noi ana ia oukou
me ke aloha.  J. L. Nailiili.

Kapalama, Oahu, Dekemaba 18, 1847.]

(Elele, 1/1/1848, p. 148)


Ka Elele, Buke 3, Pepa 19, Aoao 148. Ianuari 1, 1848.

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