Mocking birds to be set free in Hawaii, 1897.


Upon the Mariposa returned Mr. Marsden after his trip of convalescence at Portland, Oregon.

At Portland, he was gifted by C. F. Pfluger, a man who lives here, with six singing birds called Mocking Birds, to take back and release here in Hawaii.

It was this haole that released this type of bird in Oregon in 1892, and they are now widespread there.

This is a fine bird, it has a resounding call, according to Mr. Marsden, however, the future of this variety of bird is uncertain.

(Aloha Aina, 7/10/1897, p. 5)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke III, Helu 28, Aoao 5. Iulai 10, 1897.

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