Mele hua inoa for the new year! 1869.

Olioli Makahiki Hou.

O—li—O—li makahiki h—O—u:
L—a e—L—u ai na manawa—L—ea,
I—ho—I—ke no ko kakou hil—I—nai,
O—k—O—kakou la makahiki hO—u,
L—ae—L—oaa ole ai kona—L—ike
I—na—I—waena o ka makah—I—ki;
M—ai—Mua mai a hiki i ka—M—uli,
A—ole—A—u mea e hoohalike—A—i,
K—e —K—eu hookahi i ka ma—K—ahiki,
A— k—A—mua no hoi i ka makA—hiki,
H—ea—H—a ke kumu o ka—H—auoli
I—ke—I—a la i hoomanao nu—I—ia?
K—a—K—aou anei ia e a—K—e nei?
I—h—I—aai nui ai hoi e—I—ke?
H—ea—H—a! 365 na la me 6—H—ora
O—k—O—ka honua ho—Opuni ana,
U—a p—U—ni ka La: Lamak—U o ke ao.

[Happy New Year
Happy new year:
Day to give donations,
To prove our beliefs,
Of our new year,
A day like no other,
In the year;
From beginning to end,
I have nothing to compare it to
It is the greatest in the year,
And the first in the year,
For what is the joy
On this day that is greatly celebrated?
Is it what we desire?
What we delight in seeing?
What! 365 days and 6 hours
The earth goes around,
The sun is circumnavigated: the torch of the world.

Usually an acrostic only uses the first letter of the lines of poetry to form a word or phrase, but the composer of this mele was very ambitious.]

(Au Okoa, 1/7/1869, p. 2)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke IV, Helu 38, Aoao 2. Ianuari 7, 1869.

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