Deaths from smallpox, 1853.


The Census Taker of those who died from “mai puupuu liilii” [smallpox] in Ewa and in Waianae announced thus: The number of deaths here in Ewa are 1,214. in Waianae, 170. Of the portions of deaths in Ewa, the greatest is in Waianae. I will state each of the number of deaths in each ahupuaa that are known. In Halawa 53, in Aiea 21, in Kalauao 97, in Waimalu 102, in Waiau 27, in Waimano 53, in the two Manana 97, in Waiawa 42, in Waipio 183, in Waikele 158, in Hoaeae 63, in Honouliuli 288, in Puuloa 31, in Waianae 170. Totaling 1,384.

I. P. N. Kauhane.

(Elele Hawaii, 12/5/1853, p. 76)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 8, Pepa 20, Aoao 76. Deke. 5, 1853.



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