Thoughts? October 20, 2018.

It has been seven years since this blog was started. Have you personally found anything new or useful in these posts? What kind of things are you looking for when you are clicking around this blog?


9 thoughts on “Thoughts? October 20, 2018.

  1. I find this very helpful and always interesting! I always keep an eye on the tags that you use to see if any articles contain names of people or places that might be useful to my own research. The tags and archives are a good starting point for Hawaiian newspaper searches — just in case something I am looking for has already been excavated on this blog. And all of the articles you post and translate provide good practice for the student of ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. Keep it up!

  2. It’s super great! Both just plain interesting and also useful. I read every one. A giant mahalo for your time and expertise!
    Rianna Williams

  3. Always interesting to learn the tru History, events, names such as Laulani Koki and Richardson, places and music. Thank you for your work. Aloha

  4. This blog is always interesting and frequently very helpful. Even when the topic is not something in my particular areas of interest or research, there often is something I know a friend will treasure and put to good use. I have passed along links many times.
    I still seek information on the beginnings of Lili`uokalani Gardens at Makaoku in Hilo Hawaii and related subjects.

  5. Mahalo nui e nūpepa mā,
    I have been following this blog for nearly seven years and it’s definitely broadened my perspective as well as understanding of events as they were happening in Hawaii. I have nothing against history books and articles, I just appreciate reading events written by people of the time. I also appreciate the links given below the featured articles. Most importantly, reading the articles in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, turn of phrases, vocabulary, “ua maika’i”!
    Mahalo hou!

  6. Thanks for your thought provoking blog. As a yearly visitor to Hawai’i and long time ukulele player, I’ve gained great respect for the island culture and go from great joy to great shock reading about the past. You cover everything from big fish beyond imagination to the disgusting treatment of the native islanders whose land and rights were robbed. I especially am fascinated with the material from the mid-1800s up through the early 1900s. Many thanks; the articles and this blog should be required reading for all visitors to the islands.

  7. I enjoy reading this blog every time I see it. I appreciate it and find some things regarding my family from both sides. It runs deep. Heen’s, Holt’s, Buchanan, Richardson’s, Meheula, Nainoa,

  8. Nupepa is an incredibly valuable asset in my research work. I find the translations to be very clear and the fact that the archive of past translations is searchable by a variety of subject tags makes it all the more useful to me. I thank all the staff wholeheartedly.

    I am curious who is behind this fantastic endeavor!

    Mahalo nui loa, -Kilin Reece

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