Lucy Ward in car accident, 1912.


Dragged along by a streetcar was automobile Number 862, driven by Miss Lucy Ward, for 36 feet, on King Street this past Friday. While she was stopped outside of the coconut grove of Kapepee, near Thomas Square [Kamaki Kuea], a streetcar came by, and after it passed, that was when her car went, not knowing there was another streetcar after it, and they collided. She was thrown to the side, whereby she strained her right side. Those riding the car were Miss Kulamanu Ward, Miss Mabel Phillips, and Curtis R. Hustace.

[Those were simpler times. Today we have to be even more vigilant to keep our streets safe.]

(Au Hou, 2/7/1912, p. 23)


Ke Au Hou, Buke 3, Helu 5, Aoao 23. Feberuari 7, 1912.

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