English newspaper coverage of Lucy Ward car accident, 1912.


While Miss Lucy Ward was driving an automobile, containing besides herself Miss Kulamanu Ward, Miss Mabel Phillips and Curtis W. Hustace, out of the Old Plantation gateway on Friday evening, the machine came into collision with a street car, by which it was dragged thirty-six feet and had its side parts crumpled up. One car had just passed without the usual red flag to signify that another was following. Motorman Field’s promptness in braking the second car prevented the accident from being more serious. Miss Ward also had the presence of mind to swing her auto in the direction the car was going..

Manuel Andrade stepped off a car at Hotel and Alapai streets last night, before it reached the station after he had pressed the button, and received damage to his face which required to be treated in the hospital.

[I do not know what to make of this coverage. Did Lucy Ward actually get thrown from the car as reported in the Au Hou article which we posted earlier this morning? Needless to say, when looking at history, you need to look at all sources possible.]

(Hawaiian Star, 2/5/1912, p. 4)


Hawaiian Star, Volume XIX, Number 6193, Page 4. February 5, 1912.

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