Immigrants brought by the Maunaloa, 1869.

Sandwich Island Jots.

Dates from Honolulu by the bark D. C. Murray, are to June 19th. The following items are furnished by the Commercial Advertiser:

The Mauna Loa sailed from Honolulu on the 15th of February last, for islands north or south of the Equator, where she was to procure bonded laborers for the Board of Immigration. The bark returned in June, having  succeeded in obtaining 84 persons, of which number 22 are children. The Gazette states that they were procured at Humphreys and Rearson Islands. The bark did not come inside and to the wharf until Wednesday morning, when she was thronged with visitors, native and foreign. The natives are somewhat lighter  than Hawaiians, and their features are somewhat more angular, having more of an Indian caste.

An appeal to the public for means to rebuild the Seminary, lately destroyed by fire, has been made, and has so far met with a generous response.

The Nakawao [Makawao] Seminary was destroyed by fire on the 6th of June.

(San Francisco Examiner, 7/15/1869, p. 3)


Daily Examiner, Volume IX, Number 12, Page 3. July 15, 1869.

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