Traditional month names, 1890.


In this chart of Hawaiian months, the people will see if it is correct or distorted. This chart is not the same as the one shown in this paper of the 1st of this past November, and this is how this chart is laid out:

1—Welo, corresponds to the month of March

2—Ikiiki ” ” ” April

3—Kaaona ” ” ” May

4—Hinaiaeleele ” ” ” June

5—Mahoemua ” ” ” July

6—Mahoehope ” ” ” August

7—Ikuwa ” ” ” September

8—Welehu ” ” ” October

9—Makalii ” ” ” November

10—Kaelo ” ” ” December

11—Ka’ulua ” ” ” January

12—Nana ” ” ” February

Therefore this chart is showing that the days of the month, we know those, from the day of the moon of Hilo to the moon of Muku, that being thirty days. But if the days of a month in Hawaiian is thirty, then how is Welo the first month of the year in this chart; this is how it will be clarified in this chart:

There are two divisions of the year; the division of Kau [summer] and Hooilo [winter], therefore, the division of Kau is from March by the haole reckoning, and Welo is the month in the Hawaiian reckoning; until August or Mahoehope in this reckoning; so it is six months, and those are the months of the long days of Kau. And from September or Ikuwa to February or Nana is six months, those are the months of the long nights of Hooilo.

Therefore, Welo is the first month of the year by the Hawaiian reckoning, and January is the first month of the year by the haole reckoning; but January and February are hooilo months in this chart.

Joseph S. Kaleimamo.

(Kuokoa, 11/19/1890, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXIX, Helu 48, Aoao 1. Novemaba 29, 1890.

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