Death of J. W. Nakuina, 1905.


On Sunday, the 16th of April, at Kakaako, Honolulu nei, the angel of death came and took away the last breath of J. W. Nakuina, at seventeen years old. He was born here in Honolulu on August 20, 1888, from the loins of Mr. David Himeni and Kalani Himeni, and returned to Pelekunu, Molokai.

When the fever was spreading in Pelekunu, and the news of the spreading was brought to Honolulu, aid was sent from Honolulu. The family of D. Himeni was inflicted with this, but three of their children were saved, and one remained, J. W. Nakuina. The parents had hope that they would bring him here to Honolulu where he could receive treatment from doctors, so on the 12th of this month, they left Pelekunu and sailed for Honolulu with enough strength to travel. On the night of Saturday last, his health once again became irregular, and on the day shown above, he grew weary of this life.

The occupation of this youth was farming, and he was a child that heeded the words of his parents and was treated by them with aloha, and while he was good to us, his parents, during the days of his life, sadness and woe befell us and his many friends living in Pelekunu; but being that “We have no permanent place here,” and that this life is but a shadow of the life that Christ prepared  for us in heaven, therefore we place all our faith in the Heavenly Power and “He who giveth and he who taketh away” that the time will come when we meet with him face to face, and Blessed be His name in this world and that.

Me with sorrow,
Kakaako, Honolulu, April 18, 1905.

(Kuokoa, 4/21/1905, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa,  Buke XLIII, Helu 16, Aoao 8. Aperila 21, 1905.

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