“Kaua i ka Nani o Hilo” and finding things where you might not expect. 1895.

Kaua i ka nani ao Hilo!


“Kaua i ka Nani o Hilo”

[This mele for Kalakaua is taken from an article entitled “OWAI LA O J. L. KUKAHI, KA IHEPA NUI O KA WAA PAE E PEE NEI?”, which is a scathing criticism by D. M. Punini, Jr. over an ongoing argument concerning the naming of Hawaiian traditional months. But here, I wanted to show once again, that you never know what you will find and where.

The version of “Kaua i ka Nani o Hilo” most widely known today is probably the one from the Roberts Collection at the Bishop Museum, which is quoted here. The Museum’s Mele Index can be searched online here. But notice that the Punini version has additional verses (highlighted in red).

Also note that “Kawaihau” is one of the names for Kalakaua.]

Kaua i ka nani o Hilo

I ka ua loloku i Hanakahi

Akahi hoi ko’u manene

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