List of name variants, 2016.

A few more names have been added to this list.


Kililika? C. Lui?

I have been trying to get various major organizations to host a page that would list different names of historical people (both famous and not so famous), along with any other information that’s available on them, like birth and death dates, pictures, &c.

Just looking at the last posted article, if you were searching for Havekost or Lewers, there is no way you would have found this information about them. This is not only true for haole names, but there are often different names Hawaiians were known as as well. Hopefully this listing will be helpful not only for the researcher of history, but for anyone looking up information about their family and community.

I plan on updating this list every so often with what I find. I don’t have the time nor the means to include information that other people may have collected. It will…

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