California does not sound like the place to be, 1849.

[Found under: “MAU MEA HOU.”]

California.—A person who just went there wrote that it was a 14 day trip from Honolulu to California. Gold digging is not going well now. Many people come to dig and quickly go back; it is stormy; there is a lot of water that comes down from the mountains and the land gets flooded. There are 75 or more ships anchored in San Francisco Bay. There are many people from  foreign lands coming to California; 30,000 people coming. It is said that  the Indians are at war with the gold diggers, and many people have been killed. 40 people have been hung. It is not very clear; maybe when more is heard.

(Elele Hawaii, 6/29/1849, p. 82)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepe 21, Aoao 82. Iune 29, 1849.


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