Mango jam? Sounds ono, 1936.

Another mango recipe!



With mango trees loaded with fruits its almost a crime to let all the luscious fruit go to waste.

That’s the opinion of Robert F. Lange, Honolulu businessman, who is no mean chef himself when it comes to stirring up tempting dishes.

Mr. Lange suggests that more island housewives use the ripe mangoes for making mango jam, which is easily made and delicious to eat.

Here’s his easy recipe.

To each pound of sliced mangoes, use one pound of sugar. Use mashed lemon or shredded pineapple, to each pound and one half of mangoes. Cook together until thick, pour into glases and seal.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 8/5/1936, p. 1)

HokuoHawaii_8_5_1936_1.png Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXI, Number 14, Aoao 1. August 5, 1936.

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