Hiram Kahele and shark fishing, 1915.


On Tuesday last week, a large shark was caught right outside the harbor, by some malihini world traveller, along with some Hawaiian boys who went with them on a tugboat [??? waapa hukihuki].

These people left the Young Brothers [Hoahanau Young] boathouse while trolling with a dead horse which was supplied by the electric car company.

A long time went by with these people floating the horse in the sea, going from one place to another, and they really almost gave up hope, thinking to turn back to land, and then they saw a huge shark swimming towards where the horse was floating, and in a short time the entire hindquarters was gone.

Everyone on the boat saw clearly that it was a really big shark, therefore, the horse was pulled up close to the boat while Hiram Kahele prepared his spear to pierce the shark if it appeared at the surface once more.

It was just a short time waiting and the shark appeared to grab the horse, and because he found a good location to spear to thrust his spear, at that moment Kahele thrust with might, and the speark pierced its body.

Then came the struggle between the shark and those atop the boat, but a rope was placed around its tail, and at that point it was easy to pull the shark to the boat, and being that it was weak from the injury from being speared, the victory went to the side of the men.

The shark was taken ashore and when it was measured, it was about twenty feet long. The shark was skinned and the jaw and bones were kept as a souvenir of that fishing trip of the malihini that went very well.

(Kuokoa, 12/31/1915, p. 5)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIII, Helu 53, Aoao 5. Dekemaba 31, 1915.

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