One kani of Wawapuhi and pahapaha from Keawaiki? 1857.

New Barking Sands.

There is a new barking sands, it is here at East Koloa, at Makahuena Point, and the lands of that one kani is Wawapuhi. The sand here makes more of a sound than that of Nohilo, and the sands are high up. If the dragging starts from the top until down below, those staying above will hear it. This barking sand is not from before, it is a new thing; the wind blew this sand all the way to Wawapuhi, and I went there and heard the sound when I stepped upon the sand with my feet, the sound was very prominent. Therefore for those who come to tour Kauai, ask about Makahuena Point, and that kamaaina will point it out to you; go there and when you get there, make it sound to your heart’s content. Don’t go to Nohili, because this is a barking sand like that of Nohili, and also if you want pahapaha seaweed, like from Polihale, ask the locals, “Where is Keawaiki,” and the locals will point it out to you, and you will obtain pahapaha like from Polihale, and you will not need to go there, because these places are closer. That is my prayer to you.

West Koloa, Kauai, 24 Mar. 1857.

(Hae Hawaii, 7/1/1857, p. 56)

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.—-Helu 14, Aoao 56. Iulai 1, 1857.

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