Where did the alii live? 1865.

News of the Royal Court.

The King is in fine health, He is at Hoihoikea Hale [Hoihoikeea Hale]. In the middle of the day this past Thursday, He met with his Ministers at Iolani Palace [Iolani Hale Alii].

Her Highness Princess Kamamalu is in good health; she is living at Haimoeipo.

His Highness M. Kekuanaoa K. G. C. K. remains fine; he can be found traveling about in the early morning by foot or by carriage. This past Wednesday morning, he went to Kakaoko [variant? of Kakaako] to build the stone pillar of the House of Keauiaole.

The Dowager Queen K. Hakaleleponi is in very good health. She is living at her residence Haimoeipo.

(Au Okoa, 11/27/1865, p. 2)

Ke Au Okoa, Buke I, Helu 34, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 11, 1865.


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