Where will she go? No one knows, 1880.

[Found under: “He Waiwai.”]

Aboard the Likelike this past Sunday, we received the news, the fires of the woman Pele were emerging from atop Mokuaweoweo, and it is headed down toward the sea. It will turn toward and flatten out between Hilo and Laupahoehoe. We were told, it is not certain where it will appear; maybe in Hilo, maybe in Laupahoehoe. It is 15 miles away from the crater from where it heads down, and the skies above glow red, and lights up the land and the sea.

(Elele Poakolu, 11/10/1880, p. 1)

Ka Elele Poakolu, Buke I, Helu 10, Aoao 1. Novemaba, 10, 1880.

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