Laieikawai, 1888.

In 1888, “Ka Moolelo o Laieikawai, a o ka mea i kapa ia Kawahineikaliula [The Story of Laieikawai, the one that was called The Woman of the Twilight],” was edited and republished by Sol. Meheula and Jas. Henry Bolster, “For the benefit and the progress of the new generations of the Hawaiian People.”

On page 131 of this book appears this mele called “Laieikawai” which may look familiar to many of you.


"Ka Moolelo o Laieikawai: a o ka mea i kapa ia Kawahineikaliula," Sol. Meheula & Jas. Henry Bolster, ed., Honolulu: Papa Pai Mahu "Bulletin," 1888. p. 131 (Courtesy of Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum)

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