Free health care for the poor, 1880.

Announcement of the Board of Health.

The Board of Health will be opening an Infirmary in Honolulu for the indigent who become sick. There, those mentioned above can receive treatment and medicine at no cost. The Board of Health has selected Dr. Emerson as the Doctor for the Board of Health in Honolulu and Oahu; and Dr. Emerson will be on duty at said infirmary from eleven (11) in the morning until twelve (12) in the afternoon, everyday from Mondays until Saturdays; and on Sundays from ten (10) until eleven in the morning. This previously mentioned infirmary is at Kikihale, mauka of the street going into Lepekaholo (Liberty Hall), in the building of Kamuela Kauwe. Come all, sick men, women, and children, so that you may find relief.

H. A. P. Carter,

President of the Board of Health.

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 11/20/1880, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke III, Helu 47, Aoao 2. Novemaba 20, 1880.

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