Vital Statistics column, 1912.


To John Frank and Olivia Frank, a girl, Jan. 9.
To K. C. Doo and Edith Kaukau, a boy, Jan. 15.
To Albert Kauwe, Jr. and Matilda Leleo, a boy, Jan. 14.
To Thomas K. Rice and Nina Joe, a girl, Jan. 17.
To Henry Wilson and Hannah Mahuka, a girl, Jan. 18.
To John E. Rice and Lucy Rice, a boy, Jan. 13.
To Lily Keanini, an “illegitimate” girl, Jan. 19.
To Edith Pulei, an “illegitimate” boy, Jan. 6.
To Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Kauahi, a girl, Jan. 22, 1912.


Kaupe Kepano (f), at the corner of Queen and Richard Streets, Jan. 18.
William Alohikea, on Hustace Avenue, Jan. 18.
Julia Aleleka, on Mokauea Street, Jan. 18.
Henry Kapoonamanu, at 2149 King Street, Jan. 18.
Emily Kalainaina, at 752 Kinau Street, Jan. 19.
Hale Nakaluhi, at 2330 Liliha Street, Jan. 19.
Baby of Lily Keanini, Alapai Lane, Jan. 19.
Baby of Hattie Akana, on Beritania Street, Jan. 19.
Elizabeth Wilson, in Kakaako, Jan. 20.
Joseph Iona, on Alapai Lane, Jan. 20.
Haona Kaeo, at 513 Keauhou Street, Jan. 21.
Baby of Elia Jones and Bela, on Gulick Avenue, Jan. 21.
David Kanakaole, at 934 School Street, Jan. 23.

[For some reason there were no marriage announcements in this issue. Maybe one day, all of the newspapers will be searchable for vital statistics like these (and so much more!). And speaking of searchable texts, hopefully typescripts of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers are being done as carefully as possible—one letter off on a name may well result in that name being lost in that location…]

(Kuokoa, 1/26/1912, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 4, Aoao 8. Ianuari 26, 1912.

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