Hawaiian returns home from Pacific Northwest, 1859.

From Keomolewa [Columbia River? Vancouver?]:—On this past 31st of August, a Hawaiian arrived from that land, his name being Kapoula. He lived there for a long time. He stated that their lives were difficult, because they did not have jobs to make a living. Some Hawaiians are long-time residents there, are well off, married Indian women, and had children and grandchildren. The wife, children, and friends of Kapoula are also thrilled at seeing him again, for they thought they’d never see his face again on this earth. It is because of the generosity of a certain captain who allowed him to ride his ship without paying, that he could see Hawaii once again.

[Keomolewa also seen as “Keamolewa”]

(Hoku Loa, 9/1859, p. 12)

Mai Keomolewa mai...

Ka Hoku Loa, Buke I, Helu 3, Aoao 12. Sepatemaba, 1859.

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