Description of Moku o Lo‘e (Coconut Island) and a lesson on sustainable living. 1859.


O Hoku Loa:

Aloha oe:—The 24th of August, which was a Thursday, was a day of party at the shore of Mokuoloe; it is a small island to the Northeast of Kaneohe, and yet plants grow upon it: sweet potato, gourd, banana, coconut, and its shady kukui grove. The focus of the feast was the sweet potato and gourd; it was a fine party, with many people who came from Kahaluu, and Mokapu, and it was very pleasant in the shade of the kukui, with enough food for all that came; the great spread of produce well-cared for by the farmers of this tiny Island was astonishing, and it would be a good thing if all our own lands were taken care of in the same way, then we’d in time be feasting off of the fruits. With mahalo, your friend.

D. Kaialau.

[For more on Moku o Lo’e, see the recent publication: Moku o Lo’e: A History of Coconut Island.

The images for Hoku Loa will hopefully be put up online soon!]

(Hoku Loa, 9/1859, p. 9)


Ka Hoku Loa, Buke I, Helu 3, Aoao 9. Sepatemaba, 1859.

1 thought on “Description of Moku o Lo‘e (Coconut Island) and a lesson on sustainable living. 1859.

  1. Was this D. Kaialau married to Mele Inoino? They had a son named Daniel Kaialau who married my great grandmother Daisy Davis. I come from Daisy’s other marriage in Kalaupapa to a Blas Billador. They had two children there, my grandmother Dorothy Helekahi Wolfe and a son. Their half siblings were of Daniel Kaialau. I think my father said Aunty Louise don’t know if I spelled that right. Aunty Caroline and I forget who he said the others was. My uncle Tweet known as Joesph Soria was from one of those aunties.

    Well just wanted to share with the Kaialau family that you have relatives here on Maui. My name is Joey Kaipolani Reynon.


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