More news out of Lahainaluna, 1874.

[Found under: “Local News”]

Life is saved.—On the 31st of Oct., an old man from Auwaiawao went to Lahainalalo to go shop, and when he was returning in the evening, it was dark and he reached Lahainaluna; the rain kept falling and the wind kept blowing; the old man wandered here and there until Paupau, and he was numbed with cold and fell face down to the ground and slept. In the morning, it was a Sunday, a student from Lahainaluna was walking up and spotted this thing, come to find out it was a man; when he went to fetch him, the man couldn’t speak, or walk, his eyes were blackened and he couldn’t see. The boy went to carry him, but because he couldn’t, he went to get friends from Auwaiawao, and they carried the man back to his home. That is how he survived.

(Kuokoa, 12/5/1874, p. 2)

Pakele ke ola.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 49, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 5, 1874.

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