Unclear online newspaper images, 2012.

I have been saying that much of the online images of the newspapers done by ulukau are unclear because they were taken from bad microfilms. This is often the case. However, I was just shown a page of Ka Leo o ka Lahui that someone has volunteered to manually type. The online image they received is the same image that is online. It is somewhat legible, but the bottom is totally unclear and would have resulted in strings of @s. I went to the microfilms, and they are actually legible. Here is how this one page compares.

Here is the image of the PDF online.

Here below is an image taken from the microfilm today [to see an enlarged image, click on the image twice]:

Leo o ka Lahui, 2/5/1892, p. 2

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 383, Aoao 2. Feberuari 5, 1892.

For those of you typing pages from this newspaper, you might try looking at the microfilms if you have access to them!

6 thoughts on “Unclear online newspaper images, 2012.

  1. Aloha – I wanted to ask if you would know if Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, 24 August 1872 Volume XI, Number 34, titled: Make i aloha nui ia…He mele kanikau no George Kingston Lindsey by Mary Lindsey, Emma Lindsey & Thomas Lindsey – are available via microfilm (etc.) as the images are unclear and unreadable which are available through the OHA Papakilo database – yet so very precious to our family research as it speaks to the passing of my gr.gr.grandfather of Waimea Hawaii. Your reply is greatly appreciated and anticipated – me ke aloha nui Doreen Lindsey Hobdy Koakomo, Maui.

  2. Aloha. That is sad. From what is legible, it seems he had a very interesting history. Lorenzo Lyons gave his eulogy. I will try checking if the microfilm is better, but from what it looks like in the digital image, i am guessing the microfilm image won’t be totally legible either. That is why i am hoping a project can be funded to unbind the newspapers and have them lay flat to be reshot clearly (before they disintegrate from the acids present in the paper). But there doesn’t seem to be much interest in that as it will cost a lot of money…

  3. Aloha hou. I just checked the microfilm images, and luckily for that article, it seems the image on the microfilm is legible! I am however not sure which libraries on Maui have the microfilms.

    • Mahalo a nui for your timely reply – I will be in Honolulu most of next week, could you please tell me where I should go to best access the microfilm for those articles while in Honolulu. me ke aloha nui Doreen Lindsey Hobdy – Koakomo, Maui.

  4. That wasn’t a problem! Here in Honolulu, I know Hamilton Library at UHM has a copy, and if you take a flash drive, you can copy a digital image onto it (free), or you can print out a hard copy (10 cents?). If not, I think the main public library also has a copy!

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