Final word on Diamond Kekona… 1922.


Mr. Dick Kekona, much aloha between us:—Here is what I have to tell you, I met up with your letter on this past 8th, and I understand your feelings full of aloha.

Here I am, living in Berlin [Belina], and we are working at Luna Park [a well-known huge amusement park of the day] today until the end of winter [summer?] and going into September. We are working at Luna Park for four months. Great is Almighty God’s aloha for the Hawaiians  who wander about the world.

Here is another new thing I must tell you, about the grave of Diamond [Kaimana] Kekona, I will take care of it and watch over it, and I will purchase a gravestone for Kaimana Kekona, my beloved younger brother.

As for our life here, it is very good, and our health is fine as well. I pray every day for the day we will meet again.

Here is another thought I have for you, my father in the land of my birth; if you might please look for my actual family who are in Kailua, Koolaupoko, Oahu: Julia Kapahu, my mother; David Nahale, my older brother; and Mele, my sister. Give my great aloha to all of them, and tell them to write me here in Berlin.

I thank you, O Papa, for your kindness to me.

Perhaps this is enough here. Give my aloha a nui loa to the family, and to yourself as well.

Sincerely, living here,


17 Liesenstrasse, Berlin, N. 39 Germany.

c/o C. Sundermann.

[I wonder what happened to Diamond. He must have been only in his early 30s? Maybe he grave is still findable in Berlin?]

(Kuokoa, 6/22/1922, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 25, Aoao 8. Iune 22, 1922.


5 thoughts on “Final word on Diamond Kekona… 1922.

  1. Aloha to you from Hawaii! Wow. That would be awesome, but I don’t have much data as of yet, but if I find anything more specific, I will post back here. Thank you very much.
    p.s. How did you find this blog?


  2. Aloha Sabine! I just found a death announcement for Diamond Kekona with specific birth and death dates, and have posted it here. I am not sure now if he was buried in Berlin somewhere, or if his wife actually took him back to England to be buried…


  3. Aloha back to Hawai’i,
    I think I found this blog last night either via OIWI TV or Aha Puanana Leo plus some detours ;-D somewhere was a link.

    Thank you for checking and finding the specific data. How interesting to hear about about people from HI who at some time lived here!

    I sent a message to one of our archives which should have data about everyone who lived in Berlin from 1875 (everyone is required to register once they stay some place), but however, because of the war there might not be many papers left before 1945.

    We’ll see… I’ll get back as soon as I have more.



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