Vital Statistics, 1912.


Ah Kai to Hannah Kaikaina, Sept. 11.
Pang See to Mary Freitas, Sept. 16.
Joseph Kekoa Ross to Josephine Kekaha, Sept. 18.
Roy Alexander Craw to Lily L. Williams, Sept. 19.
Dan R. Vida to Ruth M. Vrellero [Viellero], Sept. 20.
N. K. Hahola to Kahikina Lewis, Sept. 21.


To J. B. Perkins and Jennie Mitchell, a son, Sept. 3.
To Tmezo [Tamezo] Hasegawa and Abbie Rober, a son, Sept. 9.
To W. Mead and Rose Bush, a daughter, Sept. 9.
To Jacob Ai Ah Kwa and Angeline Jonah, a daughter, Sept. 14.
To William Hoopai and Agnes K. Haili, a son, Sept. 15.
To Nawai Kahooleawai and Aliikapeka, a son, Sept. 23.
To Ah Kong Ah Loy and Hele Halemano, a son, Sept. 24.


Peter Akeau, Jr., on the road to the Insane Asylum, Sept. 16.
Kalaiki, at Queen’s Hospital, Sept. 16.
D. Hilo Hakuole, at Aleong House, Sept. 17.
Naiwi, at Lunalilo Home, Sept. 19.
Kohia, at Queen’s Hospital, Sept. 20.
Mary English, on the corner of Liliha and School Streets, Sept. 21.
Jonathan Kupau Holi, on Liliha Street, Sept. 21.
David Kanealoha, at Queen’s Hospital, Sept. 22.
Kahooleawai, on Fernandez Lane, Sept. 23.
Charles Ai Kamakele, Jr., at the Children’s Hospital, Sept. 23.
Coney Miranda, at the Children’s Hospital, Sept. 24.

(Kuokoa, 9/27/1912, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 39, Aoao 8. Sepatemaba 27, 1912.

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