Six Hawaiians, including Emalia Kaihumua, headed for San Francisco 1894.

[Found under: “THIS AND THAT.”]

A little after 12 noon, this Saturday, the Australia left full of cargo for San Francisco. It carried 10,659 letters and 5,000 newspapers, and this was the most by far. The value of the domestic cargo is $26,976. Amongst the passengers were six Hawaiians: J. B. Pakele, Emalia Kaihumua, J. Shaw, and some others. The wharf was festooned as it always is.

(Makaainana, 2/5/1894, p. 8)

Mahope iki iho o ka hora 12...

Ka Makaainana, Buke I—-Ano Hou, Helu 6, Aoao 8. Feberuari 5, 1894.

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