Ben Hur translation, 1913.






(Translated and provided for the benefit of the readers of the Hoku.)


Some months past, we were asked by some of the readers of the Hoku o Hawaii if we could try printing the famous story written by General Lew Wallace, one of the very famous authors of America who just died, and we agreed. Many months have gone by and we have only now come through with what we first agreed to do. This is a moolelo which a portion of the beginning chapters were first translated into Hawaiian by Mrs. A. A. Haalelea, one of the ladies who was very adept at English and the mother tongue of the Native Land, and due to the kindness of her younger surviving sister, we have acquired what was translated earlier by this honored lady of this land.

This moolelo will perhaps not be greatly liked by some of the readers of the Hoku o Hawaii, however, let it be considered that there are valuable lessons in every moolelo published in the columns of the newspapers as well as books. Amongst our readers are Pastors, Church Leaders, and brethren of the many Churches, and within this moolelo which we are translating and publishing in the columns of Hoku o Hawaii, there are many very valuable things dealing with the life of this Jewish boy, along with his searching to find a life for his loved ones in distress. This story is one dealing with combat of that ancient times of the People in the East. This moolelo is one of aloha, pointing out to the reader the Steps of the  Wonderful Redeemer of the world. The translator hopes that the “Famous Story of Ben Hur,” the Jewish boy who took part in the glorious races with the other Nations of the time in the East, will be welcomed into the Homes of readers of the Hoku.


E moe loihi ana ka Pae Mauna o Iesebela Zubela ma na aina e kokoke ana i ka waoakua neoneo o Arabia, a ua aneane e kanalima mile ka loihi o keia lalani mauna, a ua moe ae no hoi me he peelua ala ke nana ia aku e ka maka o ke kanaka. Ua lilo nae keia lalani mauna i mea paku aku i ka makani Hikina e pa hoopoino ana i na poe mahiai kanu waina o ke awawa nani o Ieriko.

Malalo iho o ka paepae o keia lalani mauna o Iesebela Zubela e ku ana na puu one i puhi ia mai e ka makani Hikina, a ina aole io no keia lalani mauna kohu peelua, ina la ua uhi pu ia no na awawa momona o ka aina o Moaba ame Amona. Ua lilo keia lalani mauna ano neoneo i kiai naue ole, e pale aku ana i na poino a ka makani wela o ka waoakua o Arabia e halihali mai ai, nolaila, e hoomaopopo ana no kaua i ka mea heluhelu, na hana no ka mea Hookumu Honua i keia lalani mauna neoneo, a maikai ole i ka nana ana a na maka o ke kanaka, no kekahi pomaikai o na kanaka e noho ana ma kahi kokoke i ua lalani mauna ola…

[Lew Wallace’s “Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ” was translated by MEA UNUHI MOOLELO, “Translator of Stories,” in Hoku o Hawaii from 2/20/1913 to 7/4/1918. Unfortunately, the issues from the beginning (1913) until the early months of 1917 of the Hoku o Hawaii are still not available online.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 2/20/1913, p. 1)


Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 7, Helu 38, Aoao 1. Feberuari 20, 1913.


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