Faith, Hope, Love, and Tradition, 1874.

The Key to open the door of heaven, and all of its rooms.

Keys are important. You go somewhere, and see a beautiful structure, perhaps it is a church, or a home, a store, or a building filled with wonderful things. And you want to enter into these buildings. The doors however are locked. You have no Key to open the doors. You are not given the key. You can obtain key if you ask of the Owner, and they perhaps will accompany you and let you in.

We have heard that there is a beautiful city up above, with its lovely houses filled with many great wonderful things. And should one want to enter into this city after they die. They cannot enter should they be without the key. What is this key? It is this, Aloha. There are three great things: faith [manaoio], hope [manaolana], and love [aloha]; but aloha is the greatest of all things.

Are you heading, O Friend, for heaven, with faith and hope, while believing that with these things you will open up the door of heaven and enter within? You can’t with just those two things, without Aloha.

Aloha is the single golden key that can open the door of heaven. Faith and hope are keys that can open some of the houses here in this world. With these keys, you perhaps have entered Churches down here.

However, should you be without true aloha, you shall not enter into heaven. Do you possess this great key? Aloha? Here are the signs that you have it:

1. You uphold the commandments of Jesus.

2. You listen to the words of the teachers, the church pastor, and you do what is righteous as per their desires and you don’t do what is wrong as per their desires.

4. Give more aloha to those who give you little aloha.

5. To cease totally begrudging others.

6. Set aside slander, gossip, and hearsay.

7. Do good always and never do bad.

Should we have these seven signs, we may perhaps be in possession of true aloha, the single golden key that can open the door of heaven, and we will be allowed within. HAWAII.

[It is also interesting to note that while the Bible was being translated into the Hawaiian Language, Hawaiians of course traditionally had the word, “Aloha.” As for “Manaolana” and “Manaoio,” (and “enemi” [enemy] as well), those had to be made up just for the Bible. See “No ka unuhi ana i ka Palapala Hemolele iloko o ka Olelo Hawaii.” Hae Hawaii, Iulai 8, 1857, 57–58.]

(Kuokoa, 5/16/1874, p. 4)

Ke Ki e wehe ai i ka puka o ka lani, me ona mau keena a pau.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 20, Aoao 4. Mei 16, 1874.

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