More news from Kamehameha School …in Hawaiian, 1940.

News of Kamehameha School

(Written by Henrietta Laeha)

KAMEHAMEHA Girls’ School, Honolulu—The Upperclassmen Glee Club of the Kamehameha Girls’ School will sing at the KGMB Radio Station, on Sunday, December 22. It will begin at 3:00 p. m. until 3:30 p. m.

The girls singing in this broadcast are from the tenth-, eleventh-, and twelfth-grades. Because the school will be on vacation on the 20th, the girls who live in Honolulu and who are in the glee club will be singing at the radio station.

The girls in that glee club are: Hazel Chalmers, president; Charlotte Kunane, vice-president; Prances Akana, secretary; Emelia Kaopua, Ellen Miller, Josephine Keanoano, Godfreida Hatori, Frances Jelf, Momi Awana, Pearl Yim, Winona Beamer, Marie Chung-Hoon, Piilani Clark, Laola Hiranaka, Ululani MacDonald, Elvin Lindsey, Ruth Needham, Emily Cobb-Adams, Sedia Jensen, Rose Crabbe, Juanita McKeague, Anna Morris, Ruth Magplong, Juliett Feirreira, Catherine Fitsimmons, Kanian Cox, Mary Tyau, Dorothea Dias, Goldie Keliinoi, Lindley Beddow, Blanche Young, Amy Miller, Mary McNicol, Henrietta Leaha, Mildred Magplong, Alice Goo, Winona Ing, Eleanor Mansfield, Stella Cockett, Josephine Adams, Luana Forsythe, Leah Needham, Pearl Morrison, Ivy Keanoano, Elaine Hamit, Rhoda Anna Holt, Rose Williams, Hannah Ho, Eloise Karratti, Bernice Hunt, Gertrude Miller, Louise Kaiwi, Lehua Carthcart, Marjoire Morris, Iris Johnson.

Miss Laura E. Brown is the director of the glee club, and she is also the piano instructor and the singing teacher.

(Written by Portia Yim)

Going to represent Kamehameha School at the Territory of Hawaii Conference of the National Student Association [? ahahuina Teritori o Hawaii o ka Haumana o ka ahahui Aupuni], are four girls from the girls’ school. This conference was held at Farrington High School from the 22nd to the 24th of November.

Charlotte Anna Morris, Ruth Needham, children class; Ellen Miller, Emelia Kaopua, youths; were the girls who represented the school. The delegates came from many different schools, from Kauai, Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu.

The main reason for this meeting was to think over the problems that come before the school.

This coming year, the meeting will be held on Hawaii.

The girls who went to the meeting last year were Patricia Federcell, Alama Ayers, Louise Federcell and Marjorie Morris.

(Written by Clinton Bye)

Ainsley Mahikoa, who graduated with the class of 1930 from Kamehameha School for Boys, is at University of Southern California.

He is there studying the social sciences [? ouli] and that includes the study of different peoples and their knowledge. He is also working on “The teachings of Jesus pertaining to life” of which he related that he gained a lot. He also said that there is a lot in his reading pertaining to his line of work. His studies are related to his work at the Y. M. C. A.

Mr. Mahikoa is living with eight other boys who went there together from Hawaii. They sit together at one table to discuss their studies as if they were living at home.

According to his explanation, that Mr. Mahikoa has gained a lot of knowledge of other peoples at that University. In his letter, he said that one night, there was a Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, Czechoslovakian, sitting around his table with him, a Hawaiian.

There were three boys from USC who were in an automobile accident who live with him in the same dorm along with Ainsley, and one of them lost his life.

Mr. Mahikoa is a counsellor for the boys at the Central Y.M.C.A. and it is said that the boys who were in that accident were ones who liked to have fun, and because Mahikoa was used to the ways of boys, he was the only one that could talk to them without being talked back to.

[I was assuming that all of the news written in by Kamehameha students of that time would be done in English, but happily it was not so!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/11/1940, p. 3)

Nuhou O Ke Kula o Kamehameha

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 33, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 11, 1940.

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