George Freeth Congressional Gold Medal recipient? 1910.


SAN FRANCISCO, September, 18.—Among the arrivals at the Stewart last evening was George Freeth, the young Honolulu man who attained fame a few months ago at Venice, Cal., by saving the lives of seven Japanese fisherman who were in dire straits.

Freeth has in his possession the gold medal which was presented to him by the United States Government, and he has also a fine gold watch which was given him by the Venice life-saving crew for the same service.

Brought up as he was in Honolulu, Young Freeth has been able to swim expertly since before he can remember, and the feat which gained him national recognition is one of which he makes light himself, though he is naturally proud of the reward which is has properly won.

[Does the U. S. government give out any other gold medals other than the Congressional Gold Medal? It seems George Freeth is not on the official list of recipients…]

(Hawaiian Star, 9/27/1910, p. 6)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume XVIII, Number 5764, Page 6. September 27, 1910.

2 thoughts on “George Freeth Congressional Gold Medal recipient? 1910.

  1. Aloha,

    I’ve been sending your George Freeth articles to Joe Tabler, a surf historian in San Diego who does a weekly email column called The Surf Blurb. Using the dates in your articles, he found more information on Freeth in California.

    Mahalo nui for your nupepa translations. They’re excellent.

    Me ke aloha, John


    • I was feeling offended for George Freeth, thinking all the while that it was the Congressional Gold Medal that he received, and that he was snubbed on the list of recipients. It was good to finally figure out what award he did receive! Mahalo for getting the word out.
      Soon hopefully people will see the importance of rescanning clear newspaper images so that more information can be found!

      Oh and one more thing—These are by no means translations, they are just simply summaries and works in progress…


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