Letter from a son away serving in the armed forces to his mother, 1918.



The picture above is of a Hawaiian boy who left Hawaii nei to join the armed forces in England, and he is currently a corporal in the cavalry for the British cavalry in Canada.

This is the son of Mrs. Kainana Hiram of Kapahulu, Waikiki, whose name is Peter Kalanikuhookahi Morse, and his letter was penned to his mother on the 24th of November.

“My dear mother, I left Hawaii on the 21st of September, 1917, aboard the steamer Niagra, with the intent of joining the British navy. I am twenty years old now.

“When I arrived at my destination, in Vancouver [Wanakova], I was delighted to see this foreign land, but my aloha for you, my dear mother, I cannot forget, and so too my aloha for my land of birth.

“From there, I arrived in Canada, and I joined the Forestry Corps where I leaned also military science, and cavalry, and the month of November past, I became a corporal for my brigade, because of my obedience, my reliability, and my good work.

“Therefore, my dear mother, here I am telling you of this occupation, and how these people are taking very good care of me. This is all the news to tell you, mama, and may God help and guide you and me as well until we meet again.

“I give my aloha to you and papa Puahi, and to the entire family and friends.

[“]From your own son,

[“]P. KAMA K. MORSE.[“]

(Kuokoa, 1/4/1918, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 1, Aoao 2. Ianuari 4, 1918.

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