Patriotism, 1894.

Great Meeting of the People!!!

Forward O Hawaiians!!


A Great Meeting of Makaainana will be held at Palace Square, at 5 p. m. on this very day, July2, 1894; to show our steadfastness in our patriotism.

Hawaii’s own Lahui, as well as the other ethnicities who are of the same mind, are invited to go in unity and show their insistence behind the Resolution that will be passed at that time.

Invited are the Men, the Women, and all the young people of the Hawaiian Patriotic League [Hui Aloha Aina], and all friends, to go immediately with great enthusiasm and festivity to fill the meeting with numbers of Twenty and more thousand people.

And provided that the Marshal [Ilamuku] of the Provisional Government [Aupuni Kuikawa] has approved our meeting. Therefore, we have nothing to be concerned about. Let us however maintain the peace.


President of the Hui Aloha Aina.


Head Secretary of the Hui Aloha Aina.

Honolulu, July 2nd, 1894.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 7/2/1894, p. 2)

Halawai Makaainana Nui!!!

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 974, Aoao 2. Iulai 2, 1894.

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