Voting advice, 1861 / Timeless.

Voting for Representatives.

The time for electing our Representatives is approaching; therefore, let us think carefully about voting for the appropriate and right one before it is time to vote; let’s not put great trust behind the famous, wealthy people, and those high up in this world; let us not look solely at great claims made while they hide the truth within, let us not vote for those who are greatly concerned with money for it will alter and easily change their thinking, let us not vote for the heartless, the wrathful, the improper; let us not choose those convincing with the mouth, but vote for those who are chosen with consideration.

Therefore, let us look first at the person’s nature; let us peer, focus on, investigate, consider, discuss, question, associate with, examine; and when it is clear that the person is right, enlightened, thoughtful, devout, fearful of God, in appearance and in character, doesn’t change from day to day, doesn’t associate with the many evils characters, while treating with contempt the associating with those who are sickened by righteousness; upright and straightforward are their words, thoughts, lifestyle and course of action.

A person who is loved and appreciated by the people, who regularly speaks all that is right to mediate between two parties graciously and truthfully. That is the person who we should keep our eyes on; do not forget, my fellow dweller of this wearisome world. In this way, the words before the Legislative session will be truthful.

S. D. Keolanui.

Niuhelewai, Kapalama, Oct. 11, 1861.

[It is interesting to see that much of Keolanui’s advice still rings true over 150 years later.]

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 10/17/1861, p. 4)

Koho ana i na Lunamakaainana.

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke I, Helu 4, Aoao 4. Okatoba 17, 1861.

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