Mrs. Kaukeano Kanahele passes, 1914.


Like a puff of smoke that appears and disappears, so did the merciless hand of death fetch the living breath of my wife Mrs. Kaukeano Kanahele and took her from me, hiding her face in the dark clouds, and it is for her that I continually weep, with unforgettable memories, but my thoughts are lightened because of my faith…


…that she is with her Father in heaven, for it is He who giveth and He who then taketh away, blessed be his name.

We were joined in the sacred covenant of matrimony in Kawela, Molokai in the year 1884, and we lived in aloha together for twenty-nine years. Everyday of her life, she was welcoming, a open-hearted mother, kind, and all friends who visited her home were important to her; she was a mother who was a great help in all things.

She was a member of Kaumakapili Church; she was always vigilant in things pertaining to her faith during her life with her friends, and all the brethren who stood with Jesus were important to her.

She was a member of the Christian Endeavor [Ahahui C. E.] of Kaumakapili, and was a student of the Sunday School, and a kokua for the Church.

My dear wife left me and our children, grandchildren, all the family; I think of my patient companion of this life, but I give my great appreciation to Jehovah, God, our Lord.

In grief,


(Kuokoa, 1/9/1914, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LII, Helu 2, Aoao 3. Ianuari 9, 1914.


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