Explosive eruption, 1924.

The Deeds of Madame Pele, the Woman of the Pit, are Mystical.

Many Lives Were Spared from the Volcanic Rocks.

Rocks and Ash were Spewed into the Air When the Volcanic Explosion Occurred Last Tuesday

Hilo, May 13.—Many lives were spared this evening, because of the foreseeing of trouble by Thomas E. Boles, the superintendent of the national parks [paka lahui] of Hawaii, and by him preventing people from going to see the volcanic crater of Halemaumau a few minutes before the strong volcanic explosion, sending large rocks to a distance of 2000 feet. Volcanic ash was spewed 1800 [feet] in the air above the crater.

This powerful volcanic explosion lasted for two minutes. Eight people including a newspaper writer and a photographer barely escaped with their lives from the rocks falling like rain, which weighed from a pound to 300 pounds. Superintendent Boles was thrown down twice as a result of the explosion. Belknan [Belknap], of the Hilo Herald Tribune fell down, sustaining some injury, and so too did L. E. Phillips, the sugar plantation head. James Webster, the supervisor of the Pepeekeo Sugar Plantation was in his car with Mrs. Frank Cody and the maid during the catastrophe, but the were saved without any injuries. Frank Wilson, the supervisor of the Hilo Gas Company was also spared.

The life of Frank Cody was barely spared, the one who is filming for the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company [Hui Mokuahi Holo Pili Aina], while he was trying to save his camera when the explosion occurred.

The crater is over a 1000 feet deep. This was the fifth explosion that day, however some of the others were weaker in strength.

(Kuokoa, 5/15/1928, p. 1)

Hookalakupua ka Hana a ka Madame Pele ka Wahine o ka Lua

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXIII, Helur 20, Aoao 1. Mei 15, 1924.


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