Roots of koa stretch to India? 1919.

From India Comes the Koa Growing in Our Forests

A malihini by the name of Mr. Rock has been spreading in our newspapers that the Koa growing in our forests came from India and that the seeds of this tree came from India brought by birds and dispersed in Hawaii nei.

When did this haole trying to sound smart see the bringing of the seeds of the Koa to Hawaii from India which he speaks of. This blunderer is only guessing so that he will be taken as being intelligent. Perhaps it was from Hawaii that the Koa seeds were taken to India. Can he or anyone else disprove this idea? Just one thing is for sure that cannot be argued over, and that is this: it was God who grew Koa here in Hawaii nei so that the people of this land in the olden days could have canoes and other equipment to live in this world.

[Check out this related story from today sent in by one of our kind readers! Koa seeds taken by birds from Hawaii over 11,000 miles away to Reunion Island, a story by Emma Marris found in Nature!]

(Alakai o Hawaii, 7/30/1919, p. 2)

Mai Inia mai ke Koa e Ulu Nei ma na Kuahiwi o Kakou.

Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke VI, Helu 30, Aoao 2. Iulai 30, 1919.

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