More on the malihini, Joseph Rock, 1916.


Prof. Joseph F. Rock, head of the botany department at the College of Hawaii and author of the book, “Indigenous Trees of the Hawaiian Islands,” will return to Honolulu tomorrow on the Shinyo Maru, according to advices that have been received here.

During the summer months the professor has been in the islands of Java and Sumatra and in the Philippines collecting specimens and doing research work in his line. He left here about the middle of June.

(Honolulu Star Bulletin, 9/4/1916, p. 3)


The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXIV, Number 7612, Page 3. September 4, 1916.

Roots of koa stretch to India? 1919.

From India Comes the Koa Growing in Our Forests

A malihini by the name of Mr. Rock has been spreading in our newspapers that the Koa growing in our forests came from India and that the seeds of this tree came from India brought by birds and dispersed in Hawaii nei. Continue reading